Android lollipop (5.0) has me worried

An old companion, with a new haircut

Since I got my Note 3 in the beginning of this year, I was pleased with all of it. The speed, the stylus, the battery life, the list goes on and on. However eight months later my feelings is getting mixed.

See, the battery life is still stellar, the speed still lightning quick and the stylus still smooth. This isn’t what is beginning to make my feelings towards it negative. What’s really starting to put me in a state of worry is the software.

This is a rather old phone, yes, I agree. Still, I would hope for Samsung to at least show some client loyalty. This phone might be old, but for me it isn’t. Sure there are faster phones on the market now, but it isn’t like this phone is a snail….
What worries me is the latest version of Android, Android lollipop (5.0). While there is no doubt that the Galaxy S5 and the Galaxy Note 4 will get the update, things aren’t set in stone for the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3.

New software, so what?

Should I even care for this new version of Android? Well, the fact that I am sitting here at 11:40 PM writing about technology makes me think so.

There isn’t a better time to use Android. While taking the lead over iOS, Apple’s iPhone operating system, in terms of features, for a long time die hard fan like me, I say it’s a must.
Now, before you storm of to the comment section to tell me that no “die hard fan” would buy a Samsung, consider this. Yes, Samsung heavily modifies it’s user interface to a point where it doesn’t look like Android, but if you put that aside, all you get is pure hardware bliss. And when one of the biggest rivals to the Android Eco-system, Apple, decides to join the crowd with a larger phablet sized device, you know that Samsung is doing something right.

That’s all! Thank you, good day.

Can Samsung get another thing right? Will we see Samsung nail down the basics of client loyalty? Or will the proud owners of a S4 or Note 3 be left out to dry?

I am not asking for Samsung to move mountains. I am simply asking for the latest bite of Android lollipop. That’s all! Thank you, good day.

If you can move the mountain, why not?

But is it? See, no. I wouldn’t just like for Samsung to give Note 3 users the latest version of Android, I would like to see Samsung finally stop with this madness of bogging down brilliant hardware with slow and bloated software. I agree with everyone’s opinion about Samsung’s Touch-Wiz user interface. Give us a more pure and clean version of Android and you will have me hook, line and sinker.

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