Head of HelloPeter is moving on

Quite a sad time for this shocking news to arrive, seeing that we are in dire need of better customer service in all sectors. HelloPeter serves as one of the biggest complaints sites for South Africans. While there is no prove that HelloPeter solves problems, it does act as a microphone for customers’ problems.

The ship isn’t going away, but the captain is.

“My trusted team headed up by Linda and Monique will remain on the site, led by a dynamic new team of entrepreneurs – watch the press for details. They will drive the site forward, and I wish them every success in the future. I know that my baby will continue to grow from strength to strength.” – Peter writes.

Only time will tell if the site does stay strong in serving the peoples need of a voice against big corporations. Some customers don’t even bother with complaining on the site, and instead take bigger steps in voicing their dismay, as seen with this CellC customer and his life-size CellC banner.


The question of whether HelloPeter will still be an effective way of reporting bad service arises when you scroll through loads of complaints that doesn’t get solved. I do personally believe that it still serves as an index when choosing a service provider, restaurant or product.

“To the fabulous Companies Who Respond. Wow… you’ve been unbelievable. The way you embraced the concept from the outset. I couldn’t have wished for more supportive companies who were prepared to take the flack and respond. ” – Peter

“My biggest thanks goes to you, the customers. Without you, there is no site. You have written great reports, you’ve been polite and courteous, and I hope that you’ve got the results you so deserve.
I will continue to watch from the sidelines. The site will always be a part of me.” – Peter

Is HelloPeter still relevant?

With social media now being used on all fronts, where does HelloPeter fit in? The fastest way to complain about service today is heading to the Facbook or twitter pages of the involved parties. All this is well and good, but for a more structured and easier to handle system, HelloPeter still takes the lead. Although the idea is based on old methods, it works, and very well at that.

“I started Hellopeter in 2 000, and have worked at it every day since. It was just an idea. After all, there was nothing to replicate. No such thing as social media. Facebook hadn’t been created. Neither had Twitter. The word “blog” hadn’t been invented.” – Peter

What’s next for the site?

“Alon Rom, former shareholder and Director of Mr Delivery, the South African multiple restaurant delivery service, co-founder of Mr Delivery Express, the non food logistics arm of Mr Delivery, and shareholder of takealot.com, has been appointed as the new Hellopeter.com CEO from 1 December 2014, replacing founder, Peter Cheales, who announced his exit from the business. Supporting Rom will be the current Hellopeter.com team, which remains in place.” – HelloPeter.com

“Rom says that the Hellopeter.com platform and brand will live on under the new ownership structure and encourages South Africans to continue using the service as per usual.”

“Being part of a consumer-centric organisation has made me realise the extreme importance of customer service in today’s fast paced world. Understanding customer needs is a fundamental pillar to success.

“I am therefore excited to be involved in a business that can provide independent, valuable, and credible information to help corporates understand their customers and the needs of their organisation, and at the same time provide consumers a voice to far reaching audiences and connect them to great businesses.

“We have an extremely strong board and shareholder base in place who have some exciting future innovations to be introduced in due course. But for now, it’s business as usual for South African consumers and corporates,” concludes Alon.

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