iPhone 6, Internet revolution and free Whatsapp | The Tech Guru [Episode 07]

An up and coming South African technology podcast for the everyday business – man/woman or the casual user. An audio show where we cut through the clutter to get to the point.

This is truly becoming a better podcast every week! This week we discuss Apples latest and greatest mobile phone, the iPhone 6. There is an Internet revolution ready to hit South Africa, and we look at the figures of online media. Cell C is also trying to win back some support by giving free Whatsapp service.

A Big week, for a big bag of news. 

Apple has toped the numbers yet again.
With over 4 million pre-orders on it’s latest mobile device, Apple is very happy to have broken their previous record of most pre-orders of any mobile device. Apple is also happy that so many people have decided to wait in line at Apple stores in America, Australia and parts of Europe to get their hands on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. This is all good for Apple in terms of making money, but is Apple facing a larger problem. The problem of being the follower instead of the leader?


Cell C is going to make the widely used Whatsapp service free for customers.
This might be a marketing strategy in the hopes of recruiting more customers, but it is also a brilliant deal. Current and new customers will be able to send photo’s, messages, location etc. to any friend on their Whatsapp list for free. This is one in a serries of new ways Cell C is going to bring premium services to customers for free or very low cost.

Nokia fans have their reasons for staying loyal.
While Nokia has gone from king to underdog in a few years, there are still some loyal users out there and they truly trust their Nokia phone for all their mobile functions. We have a look at what some fin24 users are saying about their Nokia mobile devices and what they have used prior to their Nokia device.

LED Lamps are still going full steam with lots of developments happening.
These little, but needed devices have started in 2008, and has grown into much more since then. What is this LED Lamps?

Internet revolution coming to South-Africa.
Anyone complaining about SA’s Internet, have every reason to. At least there is hope for the future and it’s all thanks to the media. Newspapers, magazines, music and movies is pushing the future of South Africa’s Internet to the max. In less than 4 years, we are going to see better Internet deals and higher speeds at lower cost, just wait and see.

Cell C Whatsapp service
Internet revolution
LED Lamps
iPhone 6 pricing
Nokia fans

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