Windows 10 is a soup of new ventures

When the managing board of directors at Microsoft decided to make Satya Nadella CEO, Nadella quickly took to the wheel of the sinking giant. His vision for a cloud first, mobile first Microsoft, has given direction to the company.

Nadella can be proud of what he and his team achieved over the last couple of months with the release of Word for Android and Windows 10. Also making uproar with statements such as: “we love Linux.” Something you wouldn’t think Microsoft would say.

Satya Nadella. CEO of Microsoft.

Windows 10
Windows 10 was previously thought to be called windows 9, but due technical aspects in the code of various programs and services, they jumped one version.

With builds streaming in on a regular basis, beta users and fanboys of Windows can get a chance to peak at what Microsoft’s developers is cooking up for the next big version of Windows. Monthly updates is what most beta users are receiving, and if toggled, users can even receive updates faster. Disclaimer: faster does mean more bugs.

The updates are feature filled, rather than focused on squashing bugs. Nadella is clearly a man with big ideas and fearless risk taking. Ideas such as project spartan (a new Web browser), holographic headsets and big touch screen monitors running Windows 10.

Windows 10 is receiving the polish it requires in every build. Over the update period, users have received: a notification centre, a new start menu, a new lock screen, a new application store, new xbox application etcetera.

Build 10049, the newest recipe for the soup
First thing to get out of the way, this build is buggy. My personal experience was a cage fight with myself and my computer. Bugs ranging from freezes to audio artifacts. This is no fun taste test.

This build features a transparent start menu, that is fixed in either full screen mode or normal mode, and toggled with a button. It’s size can’t be adjusted manually anymore. The notification panel also got more polish. Task view has received a revamp. The window title bars are changed.

Smaller tweaks made to the operating system is noticeable but not worth mentioning.

The biggest additions is new technologies in Internet Explorer and Cortana (Microsoft’s virtual assistant). Action center is also removed, and replaced with an updated settings window.

Windows 10 start menu. Photo via Softpedia
Windows 10 start menu. Photo via Softpedia

The future looks promising
The amount of work going into the next version of Windows, and more importantly the next version of Microsoft is astounding.

If Nadella continues on this path of openness with the community, businesses and developers, we might seem the giant regain some of the market share it loss to other players. Microsoft is changing for real this time, and the change is good. It is innovating instead of playing catchup. It is moving into new unexplored territories.

I am extremely excited.

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