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Windows 7 on crack


This is a statement that sums up my whole experience of Windows 10. Windows 10 is smooth, smooth, smooth. I can’t emphasize this enough.

Every operating system I tend to give a test run either from start tend to scratch where it doesn’t itch or decide to later throw me a curve ball.  In Windows 10 this didn’t happen even after running it for a week on my main system. Now, my tolerance level might be higher then, say, yours, but even then you have little to complain about. Yes, to look some of the bugs miss will be ignorant, but there is too few errors or failures to make me stress about this.

Just for the sake of balance in my review, I will name a few bugs. Sometimes metro apps won’t open, Windows will not boot straight into the desktop and an old app will give compatibility issues.

The improvements of Windows 10 range from technical to design. Windows 10 is fast. It also works nicely with metro apps, and the list goes on and on.

Update 2014/10/13
Windows 10 now has one million technical preview testers, and interestingly 64% are active users that installed the new version on a main computer. 68% of all users open more than 7 apps per day and 25% open more than a mouth dropping 25 apps per day.

Users are also keen to report back to Microsoft about their experiences and ideas on what to improve on. 200,00 pieces of feedback has been received at Microsoft’s servers. Feedback that range from start menu opening animations, to being able to remove the search and multi desktop icons.

Update  2014/10/24

Build 9860 has been released to preview testers. Hosting quite a few new features, such as new animations (both for programs/apps and switching desktops), as well as the introduction of a notification center/button on the taskbar.

The Windows 10 Action Center collects toasts and alerts from traditional Windows applications and system notifications, alongside those generated from Windows 8-style apps. Toast and notifications are then grouped in the Action Center by app and time.

The verge


Contrary to my previous experience, this has not been a smooth update! First my whole Windows explorer were crashing each time I open the start menu and then my programs didn’t want to open. Fortunately two updates from Microsoft has fixed the mentioned problems, and the smooth experience continues.

On the official Windows blog,

To date you’ve sent us over 250,000 pieces of feedback through the Windows Feedback tool, 25,381 community forumposts, and 641 suggestions in the Windows Suggestion Box. Every day we work through the latest round of feedback and incorporate that into our engineering process. One thing I wanted to make sure everyone understood however is that when we do make a change based on your feedback, it can take a while until you see those changes in the builds coming to you.

– Gabe Aul

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