WumDrop, #BendGate and Windows 9 | The Tech Guru [Episode 08]


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We have changed the layout of the show, and we truly think it’s better, but if you have any complaints just send us an email! In this weeks episode we check up on what Apple has been doing and whats going on with #BendGate. We look at Microsoft’s take on the Chromecast, called Miracast. We have a look at South Africa’s main technology news and much more.
A big bag of news in this weeks episode!

The new layout
We have changed the layout of the show to feature more and better content. Below is a graphical way to interpret the new layout:

LayoutSouth Africa News:

WumDrop lets you to summon a courier at the click of a button! Send anything, fast.

1) WumDrop.
A new service with the main focus being on total control of courier deliveries. This startup wants to reinvent the way packages  are being delivered. “Calling current courier services unreliable”

Source: TechCentral

MTN CEO Ahmad Farroukh
MTN CEO Ahmad Farroukh

2) MTN CEO Ahmad Farroukh can not be taken seriously. 
First he criticizes over the top services for being free, then he wants unlimited voice calling. Is this guy for real?

Source: TechCentral



3) Some DStv news also makes the rounds this week.

Potential Xbox one buyers might not be able to use the devices media features for thier DStv and some new DStv package upgrades.

South Africa Internet News:

1) Coke machines in SA to also give free Wi-Fi.
2) Vodacom makes it’s first voice over LTE call.

Apple News:

1) #Bendgate.

The Internet is still going on about the iPhone 6 and 6 plus. This time about a build problem on the iPhone 6 plus that allows it to bend.

Source: Unboxtherapy and Engadget

2) It’s rumor mill time.

3) And some apps for your iPhone 6 and iOS 8 device.
What new apps will take full advantage of Apples newest phone?
Microsoft news:
1) Microsoft has resurrected it’s PC Hardware confrence.
It is a new time for Microsoft to bring back the old times! Is the new CEO looking for a bigger market?
2) Microsoft is taking Googles idea and building on it 
Chromecast? Mhh, looks like a good idea to build upon and integrate with our own services.
Source: The Verge
3) Flipboard arrives on Windows Phone. 
Is it as good on the Windows Phone platform as it is on rival platforms?
Source: The Verge
Google News: 
1) There isn’t the required API’s available to make Hyperlapse work on Andorid
2) Google tightening Android device manufacturers contracts

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